Sykkylven factory


Importer of fine scandinavian furniture.

I have always admired simple classic design that is both functional and timeless. Top quality European furniture is a good investment – not only for it’s longevity and stunning good looks but also for the workmanship that goes into every item of furniture. I hope you will love my range of classic European furniture as much as I do.

Simon de Wolf
Founder & exclusive distributor

The first chapters were written as early as in the 1940’s. Life along the elongated Norwegian coast was tough. Located between deep fjords and majestic mountains the farmers in the small village of Sykkylven started to build furniture in barns or cellars to ensure their own livelihood. My grandfather, Lars Karl Hjelle, was one of these pioneers. The initial wish to provide more jobs led Lars Karl to start up his own furniture factory in 1940 and found LK Hjelle.

We are storytellers, and the chief ingredients in all our stories are form, quality and comfort. We like to call them our main chapters, and they are meant to last for generations to come. High quality and comfort was vital to the first generation, and they are still one of the most important part of our heritage. True craftsmanship runs in our blood.

Our aim is to create beautiful, timeless Scandinavian pieces. Being a Norwegian family business producing furniture to an international market requires courage. Maybe even a little heroism. Our close cooperation with both young Norwegian and international designers, has made Hjelle known for innovative furniture design.

Even though we continue our adventure and strive to tell new stories, we are proud to say that our furniture is still made at our own factory in Sykkylven, Norway.

Dag Hjelle
Owner and third generation